So, you want to market to new companies?

Five years ago, we realised there was a source of data that was little used and we realised that by developing a system to tap into that data source we could help hundreds of like minded companies get access to a marketing stream that meet certain companies requirements. That stream is newly formed companies.

Certain services are inextricably linked with newly formed or recently formed companies. Whilst many services can be targeted to companies in general, there are some, where if you don’t get in at first base, you may lose the possibility of selling to that potential customer or prospect.

If you provide internet hosting services, including domain name registration and web site design, you want to contact a customer when you know they haven’t yet got round to getting a website or domain ¬†because they’ve only just started their company. Telephony services, whether that’s VoIP or physical land lines, mobiles etc are ideally targeted at recently formed companies. If you offer hot desking services, virtual offices, physical offices, getting a recently formed company interested is an ideal solution. Likewise accountants. Once a company is newly registered, you can be sure they are going to be interested in accounting services

So, how do I get hold of these companies?

All limited companies have to be registered with Companies House, the registrar of companies in the UK. You can go to the Companies House website, type in a company name or registration number and see what’s called the registered office address for the company to be contacted. You can then write to them.

So where do we come in?

Companies House don’t provide any facility on their website to filter by date. Even if they did, you would then have well over 2000 newly registered companies every day with ability to get local companies. We have access to the Companies House programming system that means we can provide services that they don’t provide. They will in fact provide a monthly DVD for you for ¬£1000 a month with all recently formed companies on. Once a month. Quite some time after the company has been formed and so ineffective in terms of getting in quick.

Our data is usually available the day after the company has been formed and with our automated system, you can have a file emailed to you daily with all of the previous days company formations in, that meet your geographical requirements. Fast, low cost access to up to date information




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