I want to write to newly formed companies….

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Newly formed companies are prime candidates for particular services. Companies that are newly registered, need services like:

  • Accountants
  • Internet hosting, email and web site design
  • Letterheads and business cards
  • Virtual or physical office services
  • Telephony services
  • Office furniture
  • Insurances, credit card processing etc

Whilst that list certainly isn’t comprehensive, there are many services where a newly formed company is a good place to start for your marketing.

So, how do I find out about these companies?

All limited companies have to be registered with Companies House, the registrar of companies in the UK. Certain information, including the company name and the “registered office” address are in the public domain – you can see it free of charge yourself, by going to the Companies House website and typing in the company name or registration number to see the address of the company.

However, the Companies House website doesn’t provide date filtering – its either the company name or company number you search by. They also don’t provide filtering by geographic or other filter settings.

The solution

We provide daily, weekly  and pay as you go services and more importantly, we provide geographic and many other forms of filtering. You are likely not to be interested in a company in Newcastle if you are an accountant in Southampton so you can filter companies to within for example a 25 mile radius of your office or based on part of the postcode they have. This means you can provide local services to local people.

OK, so what do I get, and more importantly, what don’t I get?

We concentrate on newly formed companies. If you are looking for email  or phone details you have to wait about 12 months or so until they’ve started trading and  marketing companies pick up on the activity and get their details.

Firstly, and most importantly, the information comes from the process of registering a company with Companies House. As telephone numbers and email addresses are not part of the company registration process, we can’t provide them (and so no one else can either).  If you think about it, it’s a brand new company – they haven’t yet got their email sorted out or their phone service sorted. Your business might be providing internet services and so you would be looking to provide email services to them.

However, since 2016, you can filter by the type/industry they are in. Companies House provide just under 1000 different codes to determine the type of company, however some of them are quite broad so we’ve also developed an ability to search by company name too.   In some business types, the classification of business can often be within the company name – The Big Balti Restaurant Limited, The Latte Cafe Limited , Fred and Jones Accountants Ltd,  Bob The Butchers Ltd, etc. You can also filter by company name looking for businesses with particular words in the name

So I get the company name and the registered office address? What else?  We provide a director’s name – first name and surname, their approximate age  (to within a month because of data protection), their nationality and their country of residence.  This allows you to write to a named director, at the registered office address of a local (or nationwide) company within 24 hours of the company being formed.

Okay. Lets go. Whats next?

Our newly formed company data system is now hosted on our main website. The button will take you to the data wizard, but if you want to read more information, click on newly formed companies

List of newly formed companies

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